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Surface plating


This is how electroplating works.

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Surface plating

Reel-to-reel Plating

All that glitters is not gold.

Reel-to-reel Plating

An extremely useful contact

We have been proving our skills in electroplating solid and stamped strips sucessfully since 1975. Today our production takes place on state-of-the-art plants developed to meet increasing customer requirements and providing. Whether solid strips or stamped strips – the challenge remains the same, that is, electroplating will always have to meet specific requirements. And capacity as well leaves nothing to be desired. Our electroplating plants boast high throughput and availability. Therefore, we are able to react flexibly to your deadline requirements.”

In total, our technology centre comprises 31 reel-to-reel plating lines with visualisation, among them several systems for spot plating. The modular structure of these plants ensures that we can meet our customer’s demand for high throughput and flexible application. In the course of the last few years we have further extended our know-how in the field of selective plating and are continuously working on new innovative processing techniques.

Surface plating

All that glitters

is not gold

We plate precision parts with gold, silver, copper, and tin.

Product Portfolio

We offer plating
for the
entire range

  • All metals that can be electroplated such as copper, copper alloys, steel and stainless steel including non-ferrous metals
  • Electrical contacts, connectors, connector housings
  • High-frequency components
  • Electromechanical parts and sensor systems
  • Components and parts for the automotive industry
  • Components and case parts for mobile phones
  • Lead frames for hybrid components

Do you need detailed information about a special plating?
Please request our technical data sheet here.


Reel-to-reel Plating

This technique requires that the strip is completely submerged in the electrolytes. A further development of this method is the selective immersion plating where the strip is partially plated during the process by means of a dipping depth control.
Film Controlled depth plating

Depending on the product and customer requirements, various methods are applied such as the wheel or belt technique, in order to apply stripes on solid and stamped strips at the required position and quantity.

Film wheel technique | Film belt technique

For this purpose the area to be plated of the pre-stamped strip is guided across the so-called brush cloth stretched over a tool. This patented method allows the precious metal to be applied precisely to the functional area of the strip.
Film Brush plating

Thanks to state-of-the-art spot plating technology contact strips can now be selectively plated requiring only minor effort. Depending on requirement and material, we choose the correct application of our spot plating family, either the micro spot plating, the macro spot plating or the so-called MPP (MicroPrecisionPlating) technique.
Here you can learn more about spot technology.
Film Spot plating

Knowledge film

How does electroplating work?


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and powerful

Our service doesn’t end with the plating process. We offer you a systematic and efficient one-stop package for all your plating needs:

  • Laminating
  • Passivation
  • Greasing
  • Cleaning
  • Post-Baking for pure- tin layers
  • Remelting using reflow process of Sn or SnPb
  • Rereeling
  • Camera monitoring

On request, we also undertake packaging (special packaging also possible), labelling, coding and sorting on behalf of our customers. In addition, our logistic service can provide just-in-time direct delivery to your customers.

We are there for you

Good-quality customer service is as much a part of our ethos as top-standard technology.

Imo Oberflächentechnik Gmbh

Remchinger Straße 5
75203 Königsbach-Stein

Tel.: +49 7232 3006-0


IMO Oberflächentechnik Gmbh

Remchinger Straße 5
75203 Königsbach-Stein

Tel.: +49 7232 3006-0