Valuable employees

are our luxury

People who want to achieve great things in electroplating should join us and become part of the IMO success story. IMO’s unwavering commitment to quality of course also includes its employees. Continuous training ensures that they are among the best in the industry. And IMO strives to improve them bit by bit every day.

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We have been leaders in the electroplating of precision parts for five decades, and we owe a large share of this success to our long-standing, experienced employees. Apply today and become an #IMOVATOR.

Apprenticeships and university study

Become an #IMOVATOR

Become an #IMOVATOR in surface engineering. IMO is a leading innovator in the industry. Join our team in production or in administration, and let your talent shine.

Our values

We appreciate you

as a person and an employee

IMO appreciates its employees in their work roles and as individuals. They are our most valuable asset in our internationally successful company.
Their innovative energy and creativity have made IMO a leader in electroplating in the last four decades.

Our long-standing, experienced employees are without equal in the industry.
Their unique know-how in coating processes, coating systems and plant engineering ensures that even future requirements are recognised early and transformed into new, pioneering solutions.


Ayhan Gümüs | Production Manager Reel-to-Reel Plating

I have spent the most important years of my life with this company. When I started here in 2008, I was 20 years old.

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René Kühnemund | Member of the Management

IMO rewards good performance. Anyone who is really committed to their work in the company receives help and support. A lot of people have had a great career at IMO.

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Réne Kopec | Reel-to-Reel Plating Department Manager

It is an all-round package. You can tell that we are a family-run business where caring for people is a top priority. The dealings between the departments are always very friendly.

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Ufuk Gökcek | Reel-to-Reel Plating Department Manager

I am really excited about my job, my responsibilities, my team. We went through some changes and hired a lot of new people, so the team had to redefine itself.

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Kemal Külbag | Reel-to-Reel Plating Department Manager

IMO is a family business, and you can tell. I like the constant willingness to embrace change in the company.

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Employee testimonials

Steven Recchia | Human Resources specialist

The values expressed by the company owners and by management are something I can totally get behind. I can attend meetings with external parties and present our values in good conscience.

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Employee testimonials

Hubert Maisenbacher | Training Supervisor

I enjoy the freedom and independence I have in my daily work. Of course, there is a defined framework for my job.

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Employee testimonials

Karin Kohlmetz | Receptionist

These are some of the important qualities: People-oriented. Friendly. Accessible. Well organised. Environmentally friendly. Collegial. IMO is a very modern company, and that is reflected in all areas.

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Apprentice testimonials

Theresa Willy | Warehouse specialist

I look forward to coming to work every day. My co-workers have become my friends, and the work climate is great.

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Apprentice testimonials

Aaron Vogel | Apprentice industrial management clerk

A friend of mine already worked at IMO, and he had only good things to say. Until then, I didn't know much at all about what happens in an electroplating plant.

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Your Benefits

We offer more

Clean office | Production space

Both our production facilities and our administration offices are tidy, clean, and well kept.

IMO on the move

At the Pforzheim city run, at the FIDUCIA Baden marathon in Karlsruhe, at the beach volleyball tournament or the company football tournament. Our employees are always on the move.

Company pension scheme

For your pension planning, we offer reliable insurance solutions with deferred compensation.

Fruit days | Health days

Our employees enjoy regular health and fruit days.


Free water fountains are located at various locations in the company.

Breakfast service | Vending machines

Nobody goes hungry: Breakfast is catered daily. The break rooms are equipped with kitchenettes, fridges, coffee machines, cold drinks, snacks and other treats.

Reduced-price gym-membership

We have an agreement with a gym that provides our employees with reduced prices for their gym memberships.

Job bike for your commute | leisure

This is a company bicycle scheme that allows employees to lease a specific regular or electrical bicycle through the company, enjoying a tax break. The job bicycle offers many benefits, is environmentally friendly and can of course also be used for exercise during leisure time.

Free Wi-Fi

Our break rooms provide free Wi-Fi to all employees.

Staff car park with charging stations

Our new staff car park has been fitted with 3 charging stations for electric vehicles. This gives our employees the opportunity to charge their electric cars conveniently and at no cost while at work.


Twice a year, we publish the IMO Inside magazine to keep our employees up to date on all important happenings concerning the company.

Company and team events

A great summer fest for all employees, or smaller events organised by individual departments such as motorbike outings, hiking trips, or an asparagus dinner – we are a family-run business and we value a convivial, family-like atmosphere.


Professionelle Mietkleidung

für jeden Arbeitseinsatz

In der Produktion und in den produktionsnahen Bereichen erhalten unsere Mitarbeiter einen kompletten Kleidungssatz bestehend aus drei Hosen, elf T-Shirts und zwei Jacken. Diese Kleidung bekommen Sie von uns gestellt. Das bedeutet, dass Sie in Ihrer persönlichen Kleidung zur Arbeit erscheinen und sich vor Ort vor der Arbeit umziehen. Nach Ihrem Arbeitstag ziehen Sie die Kleidung aus und gehen in Ihrer privaten Kleidung nach Hause. Die Wäsche Ihrer Hosen, T-Shirts und Jacken übernehmen wir für Sie. Hierfür arbeiten wir mit der Firma Bardusch zusammen, ein sehr erfahrener Partner im Bereich der Mietkleidung und Wäscheservice. Die Schmutzwäsche wird einmal in der Woche abgeholt, so dass Sie jede Woche genügend saubere Kleidung zur Verfügung haben.

The first 100 days

We are what

makes IMO special

The first days and weeks in a new company are always very exciting. The building is unfamiliar, and so are the new co-workers and tasks. Being the new employee in the company is a challenge at first: You need to find your spot on the team, and you colleagues need to get used to the newbie.
At IMO we make every effort to ensure your first days are pleasant and that you feel welcome in our team. On your very first day, someone from the personnel department will introduce you to the most important stations in the company.

Convince us

of your skills

Every person is unique. Every person has their strengths. And of course also their weaknesses. We love to work with our employees’ strengths. What are your strengths, and how would you like to apply them in our company? We are excited to learn about your skills and are looking forward to your application.


steven recchia


Phone: 07232 3006-585

E-Mail: s.recchia(at)
Remchinger Straße 5
75203 Königsbach-Stein

Are you excited

about electroplating?

Then join our team and submit the following application documents:

>> Cover letter
>> References from previous employers

>> Curriculum vitae
>> Certificates and other documents

Imo Oberflächentechnik Gmbh

Remchinger Straße 5
75203 Königsbach-Stein

Tel.: +49 7232 3006-0


IMO Oberflächentechnik Gmbh

Remchinger Straße 5
75203 Königsbach-Stein

Tel.: +49 7232 3006-0