Single-Part plating


We use vibrobot technique for highly sensitive small parts that can get deformed, stuck or compacted in the barrel. This method uses vibration to agitate the parts gently inside a basket; they slide gently in one direction, preventing deformation caused by their own weight. The result is a very precise distribution and diffusion of the electroplating layers.


Areas of application

Vibrobot technique is particularly suited to the processing of parts with sensitive contact tips. It is also very popular for deep female contacts and the gentle processing of test pins on circuit boards. Vibrobot technique can be used for the precise plating of long, bulky parts with complex geometries as well as for flat, level parts that would adhere to their platings during barrel technique. Thanks to the custom baskets developed in-house at IMO, all parts – from the tiniest micro parts with diameters of 0.2 mm to long, bulky contact pins – can be processed with high precision at low cost.


How does vibrobot technique work?

How does

vibrobot technique work?


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vibrobot technique


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Single-Part plating

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