Spot technology

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The use of electronics in automotive engineering is constantly increasing. Due to their excellent electrical properties, precious metals are often used in the production of the necessary components. But rising precious metal prices, especially that of gold, drive up the costs of a vehicle.

With the innovative spot technology, the gold plating is limited to the really necessary functional area of the component, as the gold is applied at specific points (spots). This technology enables highest precision, not only in the field of punctual application, but also in comparison to other processes by drastically reducing position tolerances, so-called running out areas.

Spot technology

Areas of application

In principle, spot technology can be used on all electrical contacts that can be electroplated. The required so-called spot masks generate costs, so that potential products have to be tested with regard to the expected gold savings. This technology is ideally suited for single-sided gold plating and for inner functional surfaces in relation to the underlying stamped lead frame.


How does spot

technology work?


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Spot technology


  • Plating: Plating with Au or Ag, Nickel undercoat possible or necessary
  • (Strip) dimensions: Strip width up to 100 mm / Strip thickness max. 0.8 mm / Running out areas circumferential to the functional area ~0.3 mm
  • Smallest spot size: Diameter 1 mm

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Spot technology


Compared to conventional immersion plating, spot technology allows for a more efficient use of gold, which is still the number one surface in the electronics industry due to its outstanding properties. The payback period for the required tool is usually well under 18 months.

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